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Owned By PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp.

Launching A North America Hydrogen Fueling Network

Green Initiatives
Patented Fueling
SMR Technology
Potential Gas/Truck Station & OEM Partnerships
Carbon Credits

New Markets. New Opportunity.

Find out why Powertap's IP in hydrogen fueling generation technology can participate in the growth of the hydrogen industry.


Making Hydrogen Energy A Reality.

PowerTap is participating in the shift to a greener world by innovating in clean, cutting edge Hydrogen Fueling technology. Find out why the Hydrogen Industry is experiencing growth.

Hydrogen Industry

Hydrogen Fueling Opportunity

Hydrogen Fuel Cells vehicles are superior to other fuels alternative including battery electric vehicles.

Long Haul Trucks and Public Transport will lead hydrogen fuel cell penetration.

Hydrogen vehicle sales are growing. The USA is lacking hydrogen fueling stations. Hydrogen truck manufacturers have started to ship hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

USA Auto Fueling Infrastructure
~ 160,000 Gas Stations
~ 20,000+ Battery Electric Stations
~ Under 100 Hydrogen Fueling Stations for Cars

On-Site Production

With Powertap's patented technology and one of the smallest and most efficient SMR platforms in the industry, the opportunity for PowerTap to grow in the Hydrogen Fueling industry has never been brighter.