Company Overview

About PowerTap.

  • August 2020: PowerTap acquired IP portfolio for Hydrogen Fueling Technology
  • PowerTap has invested in updating the acquired PowerTap GEN-2 technology to meet future demand and will be launching an innovative PowerTap GEN-3 hydrogen fueling platform
  • Low cost hydrogen production on site
  • Carbon credits available upon station opening
Green Initiatives
Patented Fueling
SMR Technology
Potential Gas/Truck Station & OEM Partnerships
Carbon Credits

Launching A North America Hydrogen Fueling Network

Hydrogen Fuel Cells have a large role in the evolving transportation industry (Trucks, Buses and Cars) with significant advantages over battery electric vehicles

Attractive carbon credits allow for cash flow after station opening and prior to increased demand for Hydrogen fuel

The lack of Hydrogen fueling stations in the USA is the key impediment and opportunity

PowerTap Summary

  • PowerTap has patented innovative technology for on-site hydrogen production and fueling
  • PowerTap's footprint allows for co-location with gas/truck/battery electric charging infrastructure
  • On-site hydrogen production is more efficient than the current delivery and storage platform for legacy hydrogen fueling stations
  • Patented in the U.S. and internationally
  • Opportunity for existing gas and fueling stations to move towards a greener energy offering
  • Existing partnership with truck oem for hydrogen purchase